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Welcome to the 2018 Canadian Learning Bundle.

This year's bundle sale is now over.
Please note: These are all digital products. Refunds are not available.
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Files will be removed on SEPTEMBER 30th!

A complete unit for teaching about Canada's Indigenous people (First Nations, Aboriginal people). 100 pages of detailed lesson plans, informational articles, interactive notebook templates, recording sheets and more! Sample inquiry questions are provided to help guide the learning.

What's Included?
♥ Lesson 1: Introduction to Culture
♥ Lesson 2: What are Basic Needs?
♥ Lesson 3: Indigenous Place Names in Canada
♥ Lesson 4: Indigenous Technology
♥ Lesson 5: Indigenous Structures
♥ Lesson 6: Totem Poles
♥ Lesson 7: Indigenous Storytelling
♥ Lesson 8: Inquiry Research Project
♥ Lesson 9: Treaties

Recommended Grades: 3rd to 5th
Value: $20.99

Farmschooling takes farm lesson plans and turns them into something special…and you don’t have to live on a farm to use it!

Reluctant learners will love learning about the animals, and all other subjects flow organically throughout. Living math, living language arts ideas, copywork suggestions, science activities and more make it possible to have lots of fun with this farm unit while learning across the curriculum!

Farmschooling Book 1 is all about sheep and goats.

Recommended Grades: Adaptable for K to 8
Value: $14.99

A Canadian Symbols unit for primary (grades 1-3) that includes 160 pages of social studies activities to teach kids about Canada and its important symbols.

There are 12 Canadian symbols included, such as beavers, maple leaves, the flag, mounties, maple syrup, inukshuks, and more.

Full-colour posters, questions sheets, activities, printable mini-books, as well as social media links and lesson suggestions are included.

This comprehensive unit is great for Canadian classrooms and homeschoolers.

Recommended Grades: 1st to 3rd
Value: $14.00

When you want to make learning about Canada fun toss in these printable learning activities to do with your kids. From math to writing, you’ll have tons to do in this Canada Learning Pack.

Preschoolers and Kindergarten students can practice their math, skip counting, fine motor skills, writing skills and more. There’s so much to do with Canada that your kids won’t be able to wait for the next activity. Learning doesn’t have to be a bore. There are alphabet puzzles and tracking activities to change things up.

What you’ll get:

  • 120+ pages of printable learning activities
  • Canadian images to reinforce their new vocabulary
  • Math activities from counting, addition, subtraction to skip counting
  • Fine motor activities like tracing and cutting
  • Alphabet activities with puzzles and more
  • Writing activities to make learning more fun.

A forty five page study guide teaching basic information on the nation of Canada.
The study guide includes the following information:
  • First Impressions,
  • The History of Canada,
  • The Geography of Canada,
  • The Government of Canada,
  • The Prime Ministers of Canada,
  • The Economy of Canada,
  • The Transportation of Canada,
  • The Military of Canada,
  • The Climate of Canada,
  • National Parks of Canada,
  • Historic Sites of Canada,
  • The Wildlife of Canada,
  • The Culture of Canada,
  • Questions and Activities,
  • Teachers Answer Key
Recommended Grades: 5th to 10th
Value: $8.50

The 'Airborn' novel study is compiled by Joel Michel Reed, and contains a total of seventy pages of content. Our novel studies are presented chapter-by-chapter or section-by-section and include many of the following activities: Before You Read, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions (including many higher-level thinking questions); as well as many challenging Activities. The novel study includes everything needed to teach the novel including concepts / activities such as: setting, literary devices, research assignments, cloze activities, creative writing assignments, character studies, parts of speech, analogies, synonyms and antonyms, crossword and word search puzzles, studies in conflict, constructing a storyboard and sequence chart. Each of our Novel Studies also contain a complete teachers answer key.
Recommended Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th
Value: $8.50

This book provides a chronological list of books that can help families study Canadian history through literature. Over 200 books are reviewed and organized into eras. Each book has a short description, and a key to determine it's age category. Canadian artists and poetry that would fit in well with Canadian history studies are included and cross-referenced according to the era being studied. As well as this excellent list of books, covering Early Canada to the end of the Second World War.

The most helpful part of the book are the chapters in the beginning:  how to use literature to study history and geography. How to make history come alive. How to make education and family life joyful.
 Resources are listed throughout the book and compiled in a resource chapter at the end.

Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood is an anthology that aspires to encourage today’s moms in their vocation of motherhood. From beautiful poetry to practical tips, essays that capture the small moments of motherhood and reflections on mothering in today’s world, this slender anthology brings together a wealth of wisdom from five ordinary yet inspiring moms.

Recommended for Moms
Value: $13

If your children love LEGO and building blocks – they will love these cards!

Based on my very popular LEGO Challenge Cards, this new unique set was put together just for this sale.

Focused on a Canadian theme, each card offers a new idea for your child to create. There are 48 in total - ranging from Canadian symbols such as the flag, to popular icons such as the CN Tower and Green Gables, to animals like our beavers.

Simply print them out, cut them up, and put them in a container so your master builder can pick out a challenge whenever they need one!

Recommended Grades: Any
Value: $4.99

The Canadian Reader / Nos Nouvelles is a classroom-ready current events resource for students in grades 3 and up. This publication, available in English and in French, combines current Canadian events and issues with geography to expand students' knowledge of Canada while enhancing their ability to read and understand informational text.

Published eight times during the school year, each issue focuses on one of six key reading comprehension strategies – making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing, and synthesizing/transforming – and includes:

  • three news stories, written at a level students can understand;
  • detailed literacy-based lesson plans, including ready-to-use graphic organizers and criteria for assessment;
  • map assignment featuring a region of Canada highlighted in one of the articles;
  • Did You Know? – a non-fiction comic strip featuring background information related to one of the news stories, accompanied by a lesson plan and supporting material.

What in the World? / Le Monde en Marche is a photocopiable current events resource, published in English and French, for Canadian students in grades 5 through 7 (Level 1) and grades 8 through 10 (Level 2). Designed to enhance students' understanding of and interest in current Canadian and international events and issues, this publication addresses numerous curriculum outcomes while saving teachers valuable time.

Published eight times a year, each issue focuses on recent top news stories and includes:

  • Four news articles, written at a level students can understand;
  • Relevant background information to enhance understanding of each event or issue;
  • On-the-line, between-the-line, and beyond-the-line questions;
  • Analyzing a political cartoon assignment;
  • Examining a news photo assignment;
  • Crossword;
  • Quizzes;
  • Map assignment;
  • Answer key.

A subscription for a full year of either publication (8 issues) costs $190, minus a 25% discount for homeschools ($142.50).

This bundle includes the most recent copy of all 3 levels of publications in both English and French, plus a copy of the upcoming September editions!

Recommended Grades: 3+, 5th to 10th.
Value: $72.00+

Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers Lesson Plan 

This is a fun, easy and effective way to teach children how to create artwork in the style of master artist Vincent Van Gogh. The templates make it simple for all ages to get started, while the open-ended instructions allow for freedom to stay unique. Adaptable for K-5.
The 22-page pack includes the following:
  • Vincent van Gogh Artist Resource Pack (including bio, art movement, and country printables)
  • Sunflowers painting info sheet
  • Lesson plan with full color, step-by-step photos
  • Student examples
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Wordsearch puzzle
  • Sunflowers painting colouring sheet
  • Book recommendations
Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Lesson Plan Pack
In this lesson, each child will paint their own version of The Starry Night, in the style of Vincent van Gogh. There are three versions of the lesson included so you can adapt it to the needs of your children. Designed for K-5, this art lesson uses basic art supplies and shows you how to teach the material step-by-step.

The 24-page pack includes the following:

  • Vincent van Gogh Artist Resource Pack (including bio, art movement, and country printables)
  • The Starry Night info sheet
  • The Starry Night talking points
  • Lesson plan with full color, step-by-step photos
  • Student examples
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Wordsearch puzzle
  • The Starry Night colouring sheet
  • Book recommendations
  • Assessment sheet for students to fill out once the lesson is complete.

Recommended Grades: K to 5th
Value: $12.00

This bundle includes seven of Diana's latest resources, made since Summer of 2017. They range from items for grades 4 up to grade 8, so average out at being suitable for grades 5 and 6! Some are differentiated, which explains the wider range.

Included are four “traditional” resources that include informational texts with accompanying activities. They are: O Canada, the History of our National Anthem (differentiated); Canada’s Government: Justin Trudeau and the Office of Prime Minister (differentiated); History as it Happens: The Halifax Explosion of 1917 (differentiated); and History as it Happens: The Klondike (differentiated).

Also included is a set of graphic organizers, perfect for Black History Month: Canadian History Black Achievers, a set of 16 organizers that students research and complete (includes a blank for adding extras) about sixteen Black Canadian history makers from the past and present.

Plus, two newer resources (she's trying something new!) with more illustrations and graphics included but still lots of text as well, the first is about our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald and the second about the Industrial Revolution which includes Canadian content.

A great variety for Social Studies here, and some can also be used as nonfiction units for Language Arts!

Recommended Grades: 4th through 8th
Value: $26

This sale is now over. Please visit each vendor directly to order.

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Emerging Entrepreneurs - SAVE 20% on the Video Course!

Taught by Leanne Seel, CPA, CA and homeschool mom of 2, this course will teach your student how to run a business from start to finish now while giving them the skills they need to thrive in any work environment in the future.

Get lifetime online access to all 8 video lessons for your immediate family along with Quizzes, opinion polls, and other interactive elements. Plus a PDF downloads of the reference text with all 8 modules, a Case Studies book with example problems, solutions, and detailed video take-ups, and a workbook where the student will complete their own business plan.

Concepts include figuring out a business idea, if it will actually make money from the start, marketing, sales taxes, record keeping, income taxes, managing time, and learning to evaluate.

This course is usually $99, but you can get it for only $79 during this promotion. 

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My Canadian Time Capsule - SAVE 20% on an Annual Membership!

You know those fun subscription boxes you can get in the mail each month? My Canadian Time Capsule is a digital subscription box that focuses on history.

Each month, you will get access to a new Time Capsule, a moment in Canadian history, filled with resources, activities, printables, and more.  The goal of each capsule is to immerse yourself into that single moment and take a look around. Its intention is to get you and your children excited, interested, and learning that Canadian history isn't boring after all.

For example, month one is all about the Klondike Gold Rush. Together you will experience the thrill that caused 100,000 people to set out on a dream of a lifetime adventure and that turned a quiet northern province into an American wild-west style town. It's a story of danger, determination, and dreaming.

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