Canadian history has the danger of being considered boring. Our history isn't really that long and we don't have some of the big, explosive events in our story that draw our attention when we look at the big picture.

Instead, we have to zoom in a lot closer to smaller moments and take a look at what is happening right then. We need to get hands-on. And that's where My Canadian Time Capsule comes in.

Get 12 Hands-On
Canadian History Unit Studies
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What IS My Canadian Time Capsule?

My Canadian Time Capsule is a 12-part hands-on, interactive unit study program that focuses on various moments in Canadian history. The goal of each capsule is to immerse yourself into that single moment and take a look around - through activities like mapping, videos, reading, crafts, web quests, art, writing, and more. The intention is to get you and your children excited, interested, and learning that Canadian history isn't boring after all.

For example, inside you will find a unit all about the Klondike Gold Rush. Together you will experience the thrill that caused 100,000 people to set out on a dream of a lifetime adventure and that turned a quiet northern province into an American wild-west style town. It's a story of danger, determination, and dreams.


Shop for a Yukon Outfit
Shop for a Yukon Outfit
Klondike Post Cards
Send Postcards Home Along the Way
Klondike Gold Rush Diorama
Make a Diorama

When you've completed the activities that interest you in each unit, you can print out a timestamp and stick it into your TimeStamp Collection Booklet and write a little short note to remind you what was learned. Keep collecting stamps throughout your Time Capsule adventure.


Other Projects You'll Do During Your Explorations

Write a letter in ink
Write a letter in ink
Bake bread from scratch
Bake bread from scratch
Simple Telegraph Machine Model
Build a model telegraph machine.
Create A Rock Art Memorial
Create A Rock Art Memorial
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining
Learn About Mining With Cookies
Sketch Perspective Art
Sketch Perspective Art
Experiment With Uniform Colours
Experiment With Uniform Colours
Design a travel brochure
Design a travel brochure
Make Your Own Canoe and Have a Race
Make Your Own Canoe and Have a Race
Go For a Walk
Go For a Walk

Get 12 hands-on Canadian history unit studies for only $79


What Topics Will This Cover? 

My Canadian Time Capsule is NOT a comprehensive chronological look at Canadian history. It jumps from moment to moment in order to focus on interest and curiosity.

You can do them in any order, although - after many requests to do so - I have presented them in chronological order.

The 12 units included are:


  • The Klondike Gold Rush
  • Les Voyageurs
  • Women & the Vote
  • The Vikings
  • The Halifax Explosion
  • The Underground Railroad


  • The Canadian Pacific Railway
  • The Great Depression
  • War of 1812
  • Frank Slide
  • New France
  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham

It is possible that we will add more units in the future, but these are unplanned at this point.


What age is this for?

This membership was designed around what I thought my own kids would enjoy - particularly my Grade 5+ kids. However, I hate putting age ranges on things because homeschooling is so adaptable that you can use it with all kids. I think this program is able to be used with most ages.

Will I have access forever?

When you join My Canadian Time Capsule, you will get access to all 12 units right away with lifetime access to the program materials.

Is this secular?

I always try to make my resources faith-neutral. If religion is covered in any way, it is presented from a historical perspective, not a personal faith one.

Are the units printable or all online?

Activities are a combination of videos, printables, activities, online games and research, and more. Some will be online and some will be offline. Each month's activities are different.


What about Indigenous perspectives? 

Although I'm not personally from a Indigenous background, I wanted to make sure that I respect and present their views as honestly as possible. There are considerations of the indigenous perspectives in most of the subjects included - providing activities or research questions that encourage students to consider how events impacted the Indigenous community. If I have included anything which is unintentionally incorrect, please connect with me to let me know. I am always open to learning more.

Get 12 hands-on Canadian history unit studies for only $79!