Organize Your Homeschool in 20(ish) Days – eBook


It’s time to get our homeschool stuff organized. Here’s a step-by-step plan of how to do it in 20ish days.

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It’s time to get our homeschool stuff organized. Here’s a step-by-step plan of how to do it in 20ish days.

Trying to tackle the stuff in our homes can be completely overwhelming. Often, the struggle is even just wondering where to start. The project seems huge and it’s hard to narrow in and do even one thing.

That’s why I teamed up with Professional Organizer Margarita from to put together a challenge for anyone in the homeschool community who is having the same struggles I am.

Each week, there’s a specific area that we are going to target. Here’s the basic outline:

Week 1: Supplies
Week 2: Spaces
Week 3: Books
Week 4: Other stuff

The days of the week are divided up to help focus one thing at a time. Knowing that I was likely to give up and fail if I wasn’t given explicit, simple, step-by-step instructions, I tried to do exactly that for the daily tasks.

Weekends are off – unless you want to finish up a task from the week or are so inspired that you just can’t stop!

In January 2016, 150 people joined me to give that challenge a go – to clean up our homeschool stuff. After 20 days, our supplies, books, and other things were all sorted, purged, tidied, and inviting to use.

Some of the feedback:

I loved the daily bite-size challenges and that we covered everything without feeling completely overwhelmed. … Do follow this challenge instructions. It was awesome! I got so much done. … This challenge should be done at least once a year! Preferably twice every year to keep it all organized year around and retrain our brains to be organized!- Ana W.

I am systematically cleaning and purging and organizing throughout my home, one Saturday at a time. I’m just over half done my house and I’m using some of the tips and advice (and definitely the motivation) found here. Thanks! – Marcie T.

I loved the challenge!I know it seemed like I dropped out here, but really i was too busy organizing! lol, You guys seriously woke up the dissatisfied monster inside of me. My house looks sooooo different! Lots of work to be done around here, and this challenge was totally the kick in the pants that I needed. Thanks! – Joan G.

I loved that I was finally able to go through things that have been bugging me so much!!! – Suzanne L.

A lot of great, tidy spaces exist in our home now. There are many things left to tackle, but I am inspired to keep going, because the biggest takeaway I got from this is that it is true – A Little Bit at a time, DOES really go a long way toward getting the job done! Thanks so much – this has been so fun and productive!! – Di B

Thank You so much for setting up this challenge. It is making it fun to see where we need improvement and to make note of where we need to do a few extra things to help organize ourselves. – Lisa B.

Thank you for that organizational challenge …. I culled a ton of stuff and have been selling it off and it’s been helping me pay [for expenses we have]. I never would’ve thought to do that without that challenge… – Tammy B.

In this e-book edition, you will find each day’s challenge on a separate page, along with advice from Margarita, other resources to help, and pictures of how other people completed their task.

Organize Your Homeschool - Day 1

Get your copy of this challenge now and help make your home more organized, clutter-free, and enjoyable.


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