Alberta Checklist – Grade 6


Some homeschooling families opt to follow a similar plan as that of publicly schooled children. This involves getting and understanding the governmental outlines for each subject and seeing what they need to learn when. In Alberta, the full curriculum outline is freely available through the LearnAlberta’s website however it is broken up into subjects, not by grades, which can prove to be a bit of a frustration. I decided to pull together the curriculum into an easy-to-reference checklist format for each grade, stripped down to the basics, in hopes that it will help families feel a little less overwhelmed. I hope that it will help make planning a little more manageable. Although I originally put this together for homeschoolers, it is a valuable tool for anyone interested in seeing what kids are supposed to be learning at their grade level, and to evaluate what their child already knows.

Inside you will find all the expectations for Grade Six Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Health & Physical Education and French in Alberta. These checklists use the most recent curriculum changes in 2023.

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