Timeline of Canada {to Confederation}


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Canada’s history might not be as long or as colourful as some other countries, but it does include some interesting tidbits of excitement and, as part of the New World, has had some unique adventures in exploration.

This Canadian timeline tries to include most of the more important events in our history – ranging from pre-European arrival to the Confederation of 1867. (Want a timeline from Confederation to today?)

How to use it:

I designed this particular timeline to be able to be used within a 3-ring binder or duotang, but feel that it can be used in a wall format or other creative idea just as effectively.

Each century has a two-page spread timeline. Place the line with a left and right side, hole punch, and add to your binder. (The ’50 of each century is in the middle of the page and actually has an arrow on each side. If this is confusing, feel free to use a black marker to fill in the section in the middle of the page to create a big, fat arrow.)

In between these pages, print out and cut off the top greyed portion of the event pages. Figure out which side of the timeline that even belongs on and make the picture face forward while the book is opened to that time period. Hole punch appropriately and add to the binder.

Each event includes a title, an arrow to show the time frame, a short explanation of that event, and a graphic.


Thank you SO much for posting this! I’ve been looking for something like this! Just what I needed!     – Carlie

THIS is AAAmazing. THANK YOU!!! This will contribute significantly in my quest to ensure my children (and I) know even more about our Canadian history than American history.   – Candy-Jane



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