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Home and School Solutions is the business name under which I developed several products for the homeschool market while I was homeschooling my two children a couple of decades ago. The most important of these are Weaver Curriculum Canadian Supplements (for Volumes I, II and III), Readings in Canadian History, ICANSPELL, Millennium Time Line System, and Home Educator's Lesson Planner/Student Record. Since I retired and took my website offline I am very happy to have been invited to join The Canadian Homeschooler Learning Centre to make my products available to the public once again.

(Please note that I no longer sell any form of my products except the instant download of PDF masters, here, so please disregard any reference to other versions or customizations in any of my products or any of their introductory "read me" documents. I have chosen not to edit or reconstruct any of them.  Also disregard references to the Home and School Solutions website or e-mail addresses since they are no longer active.  If you need help you can always contact me through the TCHLC Facebook page or at mclacelle@hotmail.com.)

Connie Lacelle, retired but still creating Home and School Solutions




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