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Record all your historical studies in one binder! Comprehensive and flexible system for planning, recording and storing historical studies for one student (or family) in one place. Choose the parts that you need and ignore the rest, or use the whole thing! Includes the ability to plot events on parallel lines in 7 categories of your choice and store the material within 7 millennial sections for the student’s entire life.

Components of the system once you’ve printed them off and put them into a binder:

Cover for the binder, 16 pages of detailed comments and suggestions, one set of dividers for each of the 7 millennia of recorded history, 80 time line pages printed on both sides gives you 160 time line pages, 7 clippings pockets, a sample lesson (which you can see in the Readings in Canadian History product on this site). We recommend you put the cover, dividers and clippings pockets into sheet protectors and for extra sturdiness print them on cardstock. Here is a sample of the divider for the first millennium.

And here is a sample of a time line page that I have added notes to in order to highlight some of its features. (Please note that I no longer sell any form of the product except this instant download of PDF masters at The Canadian Homeschooler Learning Centre, so the reference to the document template version of the product is not applicable.) 

The Time Line System forms themselves are similar in appearance and format. All of them have a faint grid as a background. These were put there to help the student write or print neatly and to line up columns of information or draw neat boxes–whatever he needs to do. All of the forms have two sides, so that each piece of paper will be used for only one date or date range. This will make it possible for the student to file all of his work in chronological order.

Some forms allow room for the student to add small drawings, maps or graphs, etc., to assignments. Some forms have a self-evaluation form on the back so that the student can evaluate his own work. An Illustrations form is provided in case the student wishes to add large illustrations or groups of small, related illustrations to assignments; however, some forms have an “Illustrations” page on the back for this purpose. Map forms are provided for geographical work; these have space for maps to be inserted or drawn on the front and assignment guides on the back. All of the forms can be used as cover pages or title pages when additional paper needs to be used.

Detailed information about each of the forms is included with the product. These forms are included: History Lesson Plan, Map, Reading Questionnaire, Illustrations, Clippings Pockets, Project, Book Report, Essay/Report, Research Notes 1, Research Notes 2