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If you are a Canadian using The Weaver Curriculum unit study program, you need these Supplements to provide the Canadian content missing from that American product.

If not, you can still use these Supplements as part of your Canadian Social Studies curriculum because they contain sizable portions of Canadian historical content. There is also lots of useful non-historical Canadian information, such as extensive Recommended Reading lists and Resource Pages, etc. Volumes II (10 + 84 dedicated lessons) and III (35 dedicated lessons) are especially well suited as independent Canadian history products, as they can easily take several months each to complete!

    • Volume I: Highlights include official languages, famous Canadians, transportation, immigration, money, slavery, and the underground railroad. Re-organized Chapter 16 Outline with 13 lessons
    • Volume II: Highlights include royalty, native peoples, government, and history of Canada up to Confederation (1867). Completely Canadian Chapter 7 Overview with 10 lessons, and Chapter 10 Outline with 84 lessons (42 Geography, 42 History). Here is a  Sample History Lesson and here is the matching Sample Geography Lesson. Please note: you will see that there are lists of suggested resources in abbreviated form (e.g. TSOC). I generally avoid using any abbreviations but in this case it was necessary in order to save space in all the lessons! There is a page that explains what all of these abbreviations mean (e.g. TSOC = The Story of Canada).
    • Volume III: Highlights include map-making, spies, dams, bridges, caves, time zones and the expansion of Canada since 1867. Completely Canadian Chapter 7 Outline with 35 lessons